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B717 First Officers


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B717 First Officers




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Boeing 717 Line Pilot Opportunities - Airline Services

Currently looking for Boeing 717 Direct Entry Captains and First Officers

Cobham Aviation Services Australia, formerly known as National Jet System, can best be described as a contract aviation company. We are not an airline, but we provide aircraft, pilots, cabin crew and maintenance directly for and on behalf of a number of high profile clients and government departments. We operate a mixed fleet, including both turbo-prop and jet aircraft.

In order to meet a very competitive Market Cobham Australia remains committed to providing an aviation service in any operating environment where our number one priority is:
•Cost effectiveness

Airline Services: Where do we fly?
Cobham Australia - Airline Services presently operates the B717 aircraft in support of long term contracts. Our aircraft are presently based in Perth, Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane, with new bases in Sydney and Canberra coming online towards the end of 2013.

We are now seeking Direct Entry Captains and First Officers in all existing and new bases.

Our services cover locations throughout Australia, sometimes at airports that are serviced by only rudimentary facilities away from much of the support network normally established for high capacity aircraft operations. As such, we place a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of our pilots to get the job done in a safe fashion.

Where are we based?

Cobham Australia - Airline Services currently has crew bases in Cairns, Darwin Perth and Brisbane, and will be opening new bases in Canberra and Sydney towards the end of 2013.

What do we look for from you?
Pilot applications are welcomed for any current and future vacancies.

Direct Entry Captains require an Australian ATPL and hold, or have held, an Australian CIR. Applicants must have a minimum of 6000 hours experience and a minimum of 2000 hours as Pilot in Command with a minimum of 1500 of those hours being undertaken on Jet Aircraft of B717 equivalent or larger.

First Officers require an Australian ATPL and a current Australian CIR. Applicants must have a minimum of 2000 hours experience and a minimum of 500 hours on multi-engine aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules as Pilot in Command.

Pilots who feel they have the drive and desire to operate high performance jets in an RPT environment are encouraged to apply.

Cobham Australia - Airline Services will attempt to accommodate pilots at their preferred base but applicants should be aware that appointment to any of the operating bases is possible, pending business requirements. It is important that applicants demonstrate a willingness to relocate.


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