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A319/320/321 Flight Crew For PART-135 Operation


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A319/320/321 Flight Crew For PART-135 Operation


Huaxun Aviation Services Co,Ltd


, China

Aircraft Type(s)

A319 A320 A321

Type Rating Required?



Qualification Requirements
Minimum flight time:
• A minimum of 3000 hours total flying time.
• A minimum of 500 hours pilot in command (P1) on A319/320/321
Minimum qualifications:
• Crew member must hold a current and valid ICAO member-state ATPL.
• Ideally completed a Proficiency Check and medical within 6 months of the start of the contract.
• Last flight ideally within 6 months.
• No history of accidents or incidents.
• No criminal records.
• Under 55 years old after commencement of contract
A319/320/321 Flight Crew (Commuting) - Benefit Package
Domicile: Xian or Sanya, China (Possibly Beijing)
Compensation: $207, 660/year (net)
Contract Term: 3 year initial / Renewable
Total Compensation: $17,305 per month (base salary, bonus and allowances)
Salary: $15,000USD/month (net)
$16,000USD/month in the 2nd contract
Salary based on 80 hours. O/T rate is Monthly Salary / 80.
Training Pay : $8,800 during ground training (maximum of 7 weeks - hotel provided)
$11,000 after 7 weeks or until completion of line check. Full pay starts after line check.
Travel reimbursement program - up to $5,000USD every 6 months
$6,000 per year Safety Bonus
Schedules are 6 weeks on and 2 week off.
Salary paid offshore. Expat tax benefits may apply.
Optional global medical/dental health plan (for pilot and family)
Employee Travel:
Capital Air System - Unlimited ID75 travel for pilot and immediate family members.
Hainan Airline Group - Unlimited ID75 travel for pilot on domestic route system.
Bonus: Annual bonus paid at the completion of each year:
Year one: $8,000
Year two: $12,000
Year Three: $15,000

Additional Information:
Chinese income taxes will be paid by Capital Airlines. Expat status may dramatically reduce your national tax liability. Consult your CPA for tax advice.
International Medical Insurance Coverage is optional and will cover you and your family anywhere in the world.
For PART-135 Operation
GV/450/550, Flight Crew (Falcon7X, Global5000, BBJ, CL604/605, G200, Hawker4000--Pending)

General Compensation Package for different type rated Pilots:
Item Aircraft Type Monthly Service Fee
(USD After Tax in China) Annual Bonus
(USD After Tax in China) Housing & Transportation Allowance
(*RMB After Tax in China)
Captain Captain Captain
1 GV(GV/450/550) 12,500 1st year 5,000
2nd year: 6,500
3rd year: 8,000 6,000
2 Falcon7X 12,000 6,000
3 Golbal5000 12,000 6,000
4 BBJ/ACJ 12,000 6,000
5 CL604/605 11,500 6,000
6 G200 11,500 6,000
7 Hawker 4000 11,500 6,000
• Salary based on 650 hours per calendar year. O/T is paid at USD125 per hour for Captain and
• Transition Period (From Employment Date till First Revenue Flight)
* no more than 3 months
* 70% of the basic salary
• If the transition period lasts more than 3 months due to the company’s reasons, the pilot can still get full salary after 3 months.
• Travel air ticket: two round trip international/domestic air tickets (confirmed as economy class) within Hainan Airlines’ flight network every service year.
• Annual paid leave: 30 days
• Days off: 5 days off per month
• Sick leave: 5 days of sick leave for every 12 service months
• Per diem: domestic RMB200/day; abroad USD60/day.
• Accommodation: 2 week hotel accommodation free is provided when the pilot starts his duty.


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