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B737 B757 Captains


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B737 B757 Captains


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Aircraft Type(s)

B737 B757

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Terms and Conditions for B737 and B757 Captains
Contract Type Residence Package Commuting Package
Term of the contract 5 years contract, renewable
Basic Salary RMB30000/month
Standard Flight Allowance (0-50 hours) RMB1600/hour
Overtime Flight Allowance (>50 hours) RMB2000/hour
Monthly Guaranteed Flight Hours Payment 50 hours guaranteed (not applicable for the cases of no show, take leave more than approved days, sick, or failure of checks, incident or accident happened, etc.)
Seniority Pay Increased by RMB1200/month/year of Service subject to the terms of the increment, maximum 15 years for Seniority pay.
Payment During Training Full Basic salary, 30% of flight hours pay until line training, 70% of flight hours pay until line check out.
Per Diem RMB30/hours (after tax) to be paid
Housing Allowance RMB10000/month RMB8000/month
Transportation Allowance RMB2500/month (after tax)
Annual Ticket Allowance RMB70000/year (can be shared by the family of the residence pilots) RMB70000/year, for pilot only
Residence Allowance RMB10000/month (to be paid with salary or to be reimbursed as education cost in China) No residence allowance. RMB10000 form basic salary can be reimbursed as education cost in China
Insurance Life Insurance provided;
Allowance for Medical Insurance and Loss of License Insurance for a total of RMB 50000/year, to be reimbursed with invoice and insurance policy.
Family medical insurance, up to RMB 5000/person/year, up to RMB10000/pilot/year. nil
Days off 4 consecutive days per month 10/day off program; or 4 weeks on 2 weeks off.
Annual leave 25 days No more AL as the AL being integrated into the program.
Sick leave Up to 10 days/year with Basic Salary
Medical Treatment Period The first month of the case will be paid with full basic salary & Seniority pay plus 50% guaranteed flight allowance, then paid with full Basic Salary and seniority pay, medical treatment period for a maximum of 6 months.
Relocation Fee(for Reimbursement) Up to RMB20000 for extra luggage Up to RMB5000 for extra luggage
Instructor upgrade Basic salary increased by RMB7000/month
Management Position Additional allowance and flying hours credit
Annual Bonus Up to RMB50000/year, subject to the annual performance evaluation
Contract Completion Bonus RMB50000/year, to be paid when the contract fully completed with no incident or accident

Information provided in this form are abbreviated from the Regulation of Remuneration and Welfare of SF Airlines Foreign Pilots (V2.0) which is for reference only. The regulation and contract prevails should any conflicts found between this form and the contract or regulations.


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