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Job 4 Pilots - Flight Crew Airline Pilot Jobs - Captain and First Officer Airline Pilot jobs search!


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Flight Crew - Higher Minimums


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Flight Crew - Higher Minimums


Go Jet Airlines



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Flight Crew

“I’ve heard many stories of employees going above and beyond the call of duty, but your actions were truly extraordinary! It’s obvious that you take great pride in your job and do whatever it takes to provide customers with the best possible service. Please accept my personal thanks for a job well done. You are role models for your peers and your dedication is very much appreciated.”

The flight crewmember's primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. The primary duty of the first officer is to assist the captain to assure that the required preparations and termination of the flight is conducted smoothly and efficiently in accordance with company and regulatory requirements.

After successful completion of training, you will be assigned to either St. Louis or Chicago O'Hare as a domicile.

All offers of employment are subject to completion of an FAA background check and drug and alcohol screening.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
All offers of employment are subject to successful completion of drug and alcohol screening paid for by GoJet Airlines. Some medications may be subject to FAA approval.

Uniforms are required to be worn while on duty and will be ordered during training.


• You must be a US citizen or possess permanent residents Visa.
• GoJet Airlines cannot sponsor individuals or assist in obtaining a US Visa.
• Must possess a valid driver's license.
• Must be able to read and converse fluently in English. The ability to read and converse fluently in another language is a plus.

Basic Qualifications

• High School Graduate. Two year associate degree or equivalent is preferred.
• FAA Commercial pilot license with instrument and Multi-engine land ratings. ATP is preferred.
• Copy of Medical - First Class
• Valid Driver's License, Social Security Card and Passport
• FCC Restricted Radio-Telephone Operator Permit/License


First Officer
• 1500 hours Fixed-wing flight time
• 100 hours Multi-engine flight time
• Turbine experience preferred

• 4500 hours Fixed-wing flight time
• 1000 hours Multi-engine flight time
• 1000 hours turbine flight time

You must have a current first class medical certificate

Sufficient to operate all controls

In proportion to height

Initial flight crew training courses are conducted at the GoJet Airlines Training Center and Flight Safety International located in St. Louis, Missouri. Transportation to training and housing during training is the responsibility of the candidate. GoJet Airlines utilizes highly sophisticated simulators, teaching devices and instructor techniques in the ground and flight training curriculums.

You will receive salary while in training. Upon completion of training and assignment to a domicile, you will be paid an hourly rate times a guaranteed number of hours. Additionally, a per-diem allowance is paid for each hour spent away from your domicile.

Company Benefits
• Paid Training
• Flight Benefits
• Life Insurance
• Medical Insurance w/ Prescription Benefits
• Dental Insurance
• Long-Term Disability Insurance
• Company-Sponsored 401K Program
• Paid Vacation
• Discounts on Hotels
• Cruises and Car Rentals

Applications for employment as a GoJet pilot must be submitted through Applications for GoJet pilot positions may be submitted free of charge, though a fee may be charged if you wish to join AirlineApps as a member for added features. If you are already a member of the AirlineApps system, sign in to your account and add GoJet to your target listing.


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