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Pilots A319 A320 ATR72


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Pilots A319 A320 ATR72


Bangkok Air


, Thailand

Aircraft Type(s)

A319 A320 ATR72

Type Rating Required?



Job Description.
1) is a good character and must successfully pass a criminal background check. Of Police. If it is found that the offenses in the criminal history record. And it is contrary to the safety of flying. Or contrary to morality. Code of professional pilots, the company reserves the right to consideration for admission as an employee.
2) The license pilots (Current ICAO CPL / ATPL and Instrument Rating).
third) is a health check pilots (Current Class the 1st Medical).
the fourth). The age of candidate
- an experienced pilot and the flight hours. Meets the plane of the Company (Airbus 319/320, ATR-72), the pilot is a pilot at age 55, and 2 did not exceed 45 years from the date of first application.
- inexperienced pilots and aircraft. of the company. Or experienced. But the lack of continuity of the flight with the plane of the Company. The pilot of an age not more than 50 years, and pilot 2 does not exceed 40 years from the date of the application.
5) The applicant who is a pilot that one must have qualifications and evidence as follows.
- Proof of hours flying a particular type of case. The plane of the Company (Airbus 319/320, ATR-72) in a pilot for more than 1500 hours and hours over 4000 hour
- evidence of Simulator Proficiency Check 6 months and over the last day of the 6-month
6) Thai nationality, male or female. For males to his military obligations.
7) holds a bachelor's degree. No branch
8) speak and write English well must pass ICAO English Proficiency Level 4 and above, or IELTS TOEIC 650 points or more (of TOEIC test less than 1 year from date of first application).
9) holds. aviation course institution that has been accepted by the company. Bangkok Airways. Ltd. , the first step to apply online and submit document 1) the application form via the website. Http:// two) Please Sprint application from the Internet. Proof of facts and a copy of the show. (Please copy all your documents) on the application form below. - 2 1-inch photos (taken within 3 months). - Office of the identification card. Or ID card issued by the official - Copy. - a copy of the military. - A copy of the results of the study - a certificate from a flight school given the duration of the course - licensed pilot - evidence of flight hours. And evidence of Simulator Proficiency check 6 months and a day of flying the last 6 months (in case a pilot 1). - The medical certificate. - Results ICAO Language Proficiency Level 4 or higher scores, TOEIC 650 or more (. Not later than 1 year). 3) determine the time of submission at 09.00 - 12.00 hours scheduled as detailed below 4) What documents at the office of Bangkok Airways Ltd. 5) announced the list of persons entitled to attend. Test your knowledge of the site. Step 2: Test your knowledge base. 1) at the headquarters at Bangkok Airways Co., 16. 2) You had at least 15 minutes ahead of time, dress politely. And bring your ID card or a card issued by an official in the day to be tested. Bags are not allowed into the examination room. 3) List of eligible flight psychology test site. Step 3: psychological test flight test flight of psychology include 1) the test group (Group Test), psychological flight 1.1. Day of testing. Schedule will be announced next 1.2. Testing time of 4 hours beginning at 8:00 to 12:00, please come early to test at least 30 minutes. 1.3 All applications are breakfast was ready. 1.4 places at the lecture hall 1, 3rd Floor, Old School of Medicine, the Air Force. 1.5. Candidates are to prepare documents and equipment, as follows. - identity card - a license to fly a series - Copy of medical first series - photographs of 1 inch an image - Stationery including pens, pencils, eraser fluid. correcting glasses etc. 2) the test individual (Individual Test). 01.02 day of testing. Schedule will be announced later. The psychologist will arrange for an inspection to take the test again in the test group 2.2. In the second hour at 2.3, at 223, 2nd Floor, Old Air Force Institute of Medicine. 2.4. Applicants must pay a fee to take the test person 900 Baht 3) List of persons entitled to attend the interview on the website. Step 4 for interview 1) Where the head office of Bangkok Airways Co., 16. 2) Please come at least 15 minutes, and dress with a polite step 5, the aircraft model. 1. a) a place at the Institute of Civil Aviation, Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 2) The applicant shall pay a fee to take the test at 1,000 Baht 3) List of pre-qualified by E-mail the candidates individually.


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