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Instructor Pilot Hawker


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Instructor Pilot Hawker


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Below are the details for job 'Instructor Pilot Hawker '

Job Reference: ECFT2
Created Date 10/03/2014
Last Updated Date: 10/03/2014
Position: SFI
Job Type: Permanent
Department: Flight Crew
Aircraft Type: Other
Contact Name: ECFT Recruitment
Contact Number: +971 4 2187318
Email Address:
Locations: Middle East, United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
Position: Instructor Pilot Hawker (preferred SFI, TRI en TRE certificates)

The purpose of this role is to provide instruction, accomplish training and plan training missions for aircrew to undertake. To be considered you must be a pilot with recent instructing experience teaching everything from tactical manoeuvres to aircraft emergency procedures. This position requires that you have had recent TRI / TRE Instructor Pilot experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Maintain his personal licences, ratings and IP “currency”,
including medical fitness, (if applicable) in order to conduct his assigned duties.

- Implement ECFT policies and procedures at the operational
level when conducting any training function, activity or lesson plan.

- Implement regulations and procedures pertaining to the
authority approved program(s) as they apply to a training function, activity or lesson plan.

- Ensure that any approval granted by an Authority is valid
before conducting any training, which requires him to exercise the privileges of that authority approval.

- Accurately note any deviation from the SOPs, and record
and discuss these deviations with the appropriate trainee pilot during the Simulator De-briefing.

- Conduct any Ground Training Courses as a Classroom,
Simfinity, CBT, IPT or Stand-up lecture instructor, as-and-when required.

- Prepare and inspect classroom facilities and equipment
prior to the start of the classroom day.

- Conduct all Simulator Briefings and training in a thorough
and positive manner to deliver the maximum benefit to the trainee pilot.

- Conduct each simulator session in accordance with the
ECFT, Aircraft Manufacture or the customers’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

- Recommend to his Chief Instructor Pilot any necessary
remedial training action for a trainee pilot not meeting the standard training progress, performance and schedules prescribed by the client.

- Accurately enter into the client training records all
items accomplished during each training event, using the applicable grading procedures and shall accurately enter the pertinent details of the training session in the progress report.

- Accurately complete and sign the training records of the trainee.

- Note and record into the simulator technical log any discrepancy, malfunction, or inoperative item pertaining to the simulator operation. The Technical log entry must be as
detailed as possible to help the technical team to rectify the problem. The instructor must meet and brief the - - SIM engineers after the session to provide any additional information concerning the discrepancy.

- Note and report to the Chief Instructor Pilot any discrepancy or error in information found in the course content and/or delivery system.

- Accept any administrative assignment from the Chief
Instructor Pilot, DHT, or HT when not engaged in direct training activities.

- Accept any temporary duty assignment to other ECFT
locations for a term acceptable to the HT and the customer.

- Head of the Department/Immediate supervisor may assign
/delegate some of the functions to his team members on as required basis.


- JAA and/or FAA ATP/ME/IR, with type rating in one or more turbo-jet commercial aircraft.

- TRI certificate and preferred TRE authorization

- JAA/FAA Flight Instructors experience or local National
Aviation Authorities equivalent.

- Current medical certificate (if applicable).

- Jet command experience

- Previous instruction experience

- Speak, read and write English language fluently.

- Instructor Pilot is required to hold a professional
pilot’s license and rating(s) related to the flying training courses he/she may conduct and a type rating for any aircraft on which he/she may instruct.

- To conduct any such training, the Authority must approve
the Instructor Pilot.

Emirates- CAE Flight Training, a part of the Emirates Group,
CAE was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Canada. With customers in more than 190 countries, CAE has the broadest global reach of any simulation and training equipment and services company on the market.

Emirates-CAE Flight Training provides aviation-related
courses for commercial and business carriers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and South America primarily aimed at flight-deck crew and maintenance personnel. The joint venture between the Emirates Group and CAE Inc of Canada – a world leader in the field of aircraft simulators – is located in the Emirates Aviation College
campus, near Dubai International airport.

ECFT, as the joint venture is known, is the first facility
of its kind in the Middle East to be approved by Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and U.A.E (GCAA) Standards. ECFT works in close collaboration with more than 20 different national aviation authorities to ensure that the later specific requirements
are fulfilled in addition to the requirements of JAA, FAA and GCAA.

The 14-bay centre houses 12 full-flight simulators including
two Airbus A320/ACJs, and Airbus A330/340, a Boeing 777, two Boeing 737NG/BBJs, a Gulfstream IV and a Gulfstream V/550, a Hawker 800/800XP, a Hawker 800 XCPi, a Global Express and a Bell Helicopter 412.

The state-of-the-art simulators have breakthrough visual
realism, cockpit replication, high-fidelity avionics simulation and flight and ground-handling characteristics indistinguishable from an operational aircraft.

ECFT offers a range of simulated aircraft types and
type-rated courses, covering business jets, as well as narrow and wide-body commercial jets. The centre offers courses in pilot and maintenance training.

Most of these simulators are certified by the JAA, FAA or
GCAA. There is also a flight training centre located in Bangalore, India which operates three full time flight
simulators, two A320s and a B737.


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