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Hawker Captain





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The aircraft captain uses his/her skill and training to operate aircraft in a manner that is consistent with established operating procedures and policies. He/she must be able to respond to abnormal and emergency situations to ensure safety of the passengers and the aircraft. He/she applies knowledge of aircraft systems, performance, and limitations to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft at all times. He/she uses management skills to work with other crewmembers to accomplish these goals.

The captain must:
· Consider safety as the highest priority in completing his/her duties.
· Be knowledgeable of weather and weather systems to make preflight decisions for the safest route and conduct of each flight.
· Be able to determine the appropriateness of airport use, applying his/her knowledge of aircraft performance and limitations.
· Possess knowledge of and complies with air regulations both domestic and international.
· Work within the various government systems that control air travel and commerce at all levels of domestic and international travel. This would include various venders that are required to meet compliance where appropriate.
· Work with maintenance technicians to assist in analyzing and correcting malfunctions or abnormalities associated with the aircraft.
· When the aircraft is away from home base the captain is responsible for proper care and storage of the aircraft.
· Attend recurrent training in the aircraft he/she is assigned and meet minimum standards set forth by the FAA and department guidelines.
· Stay abreast of new information concerning aircraft operations, regulations, and industry standards.
· Uses knowledge to assist management in the establishment of policies and procedures that accomplish the goals set by the department.
· Determine flight safety of each flight assigned by continuous and thorough analysis of pertinent factors effecting flight risks.

Captains report to the Assistant Chief Pilot. His/her duties are accomplished through team participation as assigned by the Director, Chief Pilot, or Assistant Chief Pilot.


Captain candidates should possess excellent communication, interpersonal skills and be service oriented.
Bachelor's degree required.
Corporate or charter experience is preferred.
The candidate should possess an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Multi-engine license
All candidates should possess the following minimum flight experience:
3000 hours total time
2000 hours Pilot In Command
1000 hours Multi-engine
500 hours PIC in turbojet or turboprop requiring two crew
First Class FAA Medical
Job Corporate Services
Primary LocationNorth America-USA-Missouri-St. Louis
Organization US CS Monsanto Aviation_51013773
Schedule Full-time


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