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A330-200F Captains and First Officers


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A330-200F Captains and First Officers


Huaxun Aviation Services Co,Ltd


, China

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Basic Requirements
Minimum flight time:
• A minimum of 3000 hours total flying time.
• A minimum of 500 hours pilot in command (P1) on Commercial jet aircraft above 60 tones.
• A minimum of 500 pilot in command (P1) hours on type for Captain position and 300 (P2) hours for FO
Minimum qualifications:
• Crew member must hold a current and valid ICAO member-state ATPL.
• Ideally completed a Proficiency Check and medical within 6 months of the start of the contract.
• Last flight ideally within 6 months.
• No history of accidents or incidents.
• No criminal records.
1. Accommodation
Accommodation allowance of USD1040 per month.
2. Base of operation : Shanghai, in People’s Republic of China
3. Duration: 3 years contract
4. Transportation
The crew member will be paid equivalent RMB of USD400 as travel allowance per service month with the receipts/invoices provided. The crew member and his family members will be provided 4ea domestic air tickets within the network of Hainan Airlines. The tickets will be based on standby and the crew member must pay the airport tax and fuel surcharges. Ground transportation shall be provided by the YREA
5. Working Method : Consecutive 9 days off per month
6. Annual Leave
2.5 days paid leave per month, only after three months service for YREA
7.Health and Injury/Death Insurance
Access to YREA medical facilities on similar conditions to equivalent personnel
Employer Responsibility Insurance and Medical insurance are available
8.Monthly Fee Based on 80 Block Hours
USD12,910 net of income tax for captain (Including Performance salary of USD1110)
USD8,100 net of income tax for FO
9.Overtime Rate
USD148 Per Hour for Captain and USD88 Per Hour for FO
Based on the 240hours every three months
10.Sick Leave: Maximum 7 days per service year
11.Gratuity Bonus (Subject to no accident/incident)
USD6000 on completion of 12 months of service
USD12000 on completion of 24 months of service
USD18000 on completion of 36 months of service
12.Bonus for Long terms Service
RMB500,000 on completion of 5 years of continuous service
13.Instructor Fee
USD1000 per month after the crew member has got CAAC instructor license


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