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CV formatting service

We at Job4Pilots receive many CVs from pilots who are looking for new employment.

The content of these CVs is usually very impressive, however many of them are devalued because of the lack of appropriate formatting. Pilot recruiters have hundreds, if not thousands, of applications to sift through. Of course, they will be pleased if your CV is "easy on the eye", and if the information is not difficult to dissect.

If I.T. skills are not your strong point then you can choose to use our personalised CV formatting service. For a modest fee of $50, we will take the time and attention to make your CV as attractive as possible. The turnaround time is guaranteed to be less than 72 hours, or it will be done for free.

This service can also be very beneficial if your English language skills need improvement, as we will also be checking and correcting your spelling and grammar.

The format that we use is proven to work with numerous airline recruitment departments.

To use this service:
1) Use the link below to pay
2) Send your document to
3) Wait for us to send back your new and improved CV